Fabletics-Taking the World by Storm

Kate Hudson’s Fabletics product line is succeeding in the fashion e-commerce market of Amazon. This is no small feat, since Amazon currently controls 20 percent of the fashion e-commerce market. Fabletics has grown to a $250 million business in just three years. Fabletics uses a subscription to sell active wear to its subscribers.


High value brands are normally expected to cost a lot more, but Fabletics is just as good of a product, if not better than its competition. Some of the things that make Fabletics as a brand and product stand out, are the customer service, brand recognition, last-mile service, and trendy design. These qualities make Fabletics products high quality products, but without the unreasonably high price tag. According to the Krazy Coupon Lady, “It truly is a screaming bargain!”


The strategy implemented by Fabletics is apparently paying off as far as the membership brand goes and they will be opening more physical stores this year. This will be in addition to the sixteen stores already located in Hawaii, California, Florida, and Illinois.


Greg Throgmartin, General Manager of Fabletics, believes the secret formula of Fabletics is their membership model that allows the customer to receive personalized service and trendy fashion for a fraction of the cost of competitors.


When it comes to the way Fabletics does things, they do them a little differently. Fabletics has turned browsing into a plus. Instead of starting off with “pop-up” stores, they built online relationships with their customers on an online structure. They also took the time to get to know the local markets through activities and events. So, because of this, 3o to 50 percent of the people that walk through the door of their physical stores are already members. Fabletics stores also tailor their items to the customers in the area or online, to avoid a lot of searching through articles that just aren’t quite their style. The growth rate for the brand is steady and this makes it possible to keep offering a great product for a great price. This is why so many people are raving about Fabletics. A Foodie Stays Fit blogger comments: “I feel like it’s a really good deal for the style and quality” and a reviewer on Trust Pilot comments: “One word to describe Fabletics-AWESOME!” The public knows when they’ve scored a great product. And the great price is just the icing on the cake.

CEO Bob Reina’s Pursuit To Transform Lives

According to Forbes, Bob Reina is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Talk Fusion, an online video communication company. Since the company started in 2007 it has been encoded into the company to give back to people all over the world through charity and help them realize their dreams. One of his favorite sayings is, “With great success comes greater responsibility”.

One way he has led in philanthropy is when he gave $1 million to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay which has saved countless pets in the area. He has also given $100,000 to the House of Life Foundation, an orphanage in Indonesia.

He also encourages a giving spirit throughout his company including its Independent Associates spread out in 140 countries around the world. As part of this effort, he recently started an initiative at Talk Fusion where every associate can donate a free account to a charity of their own choosing. The plan is the best one that Talk Fusion offers, the Custom Monthly Plan.

This plan gives the charity access to the full suite of services they offer including all of their video marketing products, branding, and complete customization. The goal of this initiative is to give these charities across the world the ability to reach more people and find more success in their charitable activities.

He has continued his support of the local police over the last 10 years, including helping to find a new K-9 dog for the Hillsborough Sheriff’s Office. His love of animals extends to bringing his own pets into the office often in an effort to create a more relaxed workspace, and he and his wife are members of the Humane Society.

After graduating from the University of South Florida Reina attended a police academy. He was a full-time officer before founding Talk Fusion. Bob Reina founded Talk Fusion when he learned how difficult it was to send and receive video over the internet.

The company sells its products and services using a direct selling method through Independent Agents. He has grown Talk Fusion into one of the dominant companies that provide video communication solutions.


Makari is a Great Skin Whitening Cream Brand

Skin whitening creams are quickly becoming more and more popular lately. People everywhere are using these formulas to fade conspicuous spots on their complexions. They’re using them to even out overall tone as well. Makari de Suisse is a prominent skincare brand that manufactures dependable whitening creams. The company is based in New York, New York. It caters to people with darker complexions.

Makari manufactures many skincare products that are suitable for the body and the face. The brand has a wealth of lightening formulas that are appropriate for facial use. One example of a Makari face whitening product is the “Night Treatment Cream.” This cream aims to nurture the skin as people sleep. It also offers skin regeneration benefits. It consists of active ingredients that encourage the lightening of the complexion.