Bruce Bent II Is Known For His Innovative Processes

The vision of Bruce Bent II has driven some of the most relevant products as well as technologies that are specific to the financial services industry. There have been several patents that have been credited to his name. In fact, these innovative processes of Bruce Bent II have laid the foundation for the Double Rock companies. These processes are being considered today as being the standard in the financial field.

The entire career of Bruce Bent II has been spent with this company. His contributions to the developing of cash sweep along with the expanded sweep programs insured by FDIC have transformed this cash management landscape completely. Today it is a multi-trillion dollar industry. Bent II has worked with Access Control Advantage to provide a defined solution for contribution plan loan that is fully automated. This can help to reduce the borrowing being made by plan participants. It can be reduced by nearly 25% at an average.

Bruce Bent II has the responsibility for prescribing the strategic direction to be taken by all these companies.

He is a member of the Young Presidents’ Organization. This is a peer network organization. It is connecting over 10,000 young business leaders from all across the world. Bruce Bent II has been the finance chairman of the Gotham Chapter of this organization, in Manhattan.

Bruce Bent II is also having a membership of the Entrepreneur’s Organization. This is in New York. He is a part of the President’s Advisory Council of Scenic Hudson. This is an environmental organization. It is a land trust that is designed to protect and preserve the Hudson River. It wants to restore its natural beauty. The aim is to promote its riverfront as a public resource. Recently Bruce Bent II has been featured in the book called, “Leadership Secrets of the World’s Most Successful CEOs.”

He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Philosophy. He earned this from the Northeastern University.

He has vast experience in the financial services industry. He believes in the power of the money market Mutual funds as these have low volatility while promising high yields.

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Save Your Hair! Dump Shampoo!

Shampooing is one of the most destructive things you can do to your own hair. Shampooing can strip the hair of its natural oils and nutrients. Over time, this can cause your hair to lose body, lose its hair color, and make your hair weak and brittle. One of the best ways to protect your hair is by replacing shampoo with a cleansing conditioner.

What is a cleansing conditioner? A cleansing conditioner is a method for washing hair that consists of using only conditioner to wash your hair instead of shampoo. Cleansing conditioners use gentle, natural ingredients to clean, hydrate, and condition your hair without the use of lather or chemicals that are in shampoos.

One of the best cleansing conditioners on the market today is WEN Conditioning Cleanser. Developed, by celebrity hairstylist Chaz Dean, Wen Conditioning Cleanser uses nutrient-rich, natural ingredients such as almond oil, and leaf juice. Regular use will clean your hair without artificial chemicals and will strengthen your hair and give your hair a rich body.

Hollywood celebrities have trusted products for years. The hair that many of Hollywood’s biggest actors and actresses have been cleaned and conditioned with Chaz Dean’s Wen Conditioning Cleanser, If this product is good enough for Academy and Emmy award winning actors and actresses, it can keep your hair clean and strong naturally without the use of harsh chemicals and cleansers.

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CTRMA Leader Mike Heiligenstein Explains New Transit Options

There are many people who are listening to Mike Heiligenstein on the transit matters of the day, and they are learning quite a lot from him because he is giving them new options for moving around Texas. He is the leader of the CTRMA, and he wishes to improve the transportation choices for each person who lives in the state. There are public forums that he is holding today, and he is planning to expand easy ways to move around Texas.


#1: What Is Being Proposed?


Mike is sharing everything that has been proposed through his department, and he knows how to help the public come to a proper conclusion. He is proposing bus lines and light rail. He is holding public forums for the people who wish to voice their opinion, and he is answering questions when the public does not understand what the best choice is.


#2: Central Texas Has Less Transportation


There are less transportation options in the state as compared to others, and someone who is using the bus or rail line may get to work much more easily. Adding anything that helps improve the economy will change lives, and someone who does not have reliable transportation today will have it quite soon.


#3: When Will Changes Be Made?


Mike plans to release proposals for transportation options in the near future, and he wishes to garner as much public support as possible. He is willing to work with local communities to give them an option for supporting each measure, and he will show these communities how the bus lines or rail routes may be added to their communities. It is quite simple to ensure that the towns are all included, and a town that may not land on a rail line will have a bus route.


#4: Inclusion Is Important


Mike wishes to be as inclusive as possible, and he will continue to be inclusive until he is finished with the process. He cannot stop talking to the public until all lines and routes are completed, and he will take all input he is given quite seriously.


There are many people in central Texas who will be given a better form of transportation once Mike Heiligenstein is able to expand the CTRMA. He is leading a transit agency that must expand to meet the needs of a growing population that is spanning all of Central Texas.


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Copa Star Hospital And Improved Patient Care

Copa Star Hospital is one of the finest places for patients in the world, and there are a number of people who may come there for specialty care. This article explains how residents of South America may ensure that they receive better care, and it shows that the Copa Star Hospital allows for a number of people to be cured of what ails them. Someone who is not well may come to one of the many departments of the hospital, and they may request care that will change lives.

#1: The Hospital Is Quite Large

Copa Star Hospital is one of the largest medical facilities in South America, and it is large enough to meet the needs of all those who are struggling with illness. They have a medical care wing that is used for routine care, and they have an emergency room that will help people in hard situations. The hospital has specialty clinics that are made for all those with unique diseases from cancer to HIV and beyond. The hospital has grown quite a lot because it has an office for each person who is ill.

#2: The Hospital Is A Brazilian Gem

The nation of Brazil relies on Copa Star Hospital quite a lot, and there are people who travel from across the country to visit this place. The people who come to the hospital for care may travel for hours or days, and the people of Brazil know that Copa Star may be the best choice for their family. Children who are in need of care may come to Copa Star, and adults who have mysterious illnesses must come to Copa Star for help. Brazilians who have not found answers may arrive at the Copa Star for urgent care. View the design at RAF Arquitetura.

#3: The Hospital Raises Money Well

The hospital has been in a capital raising mode for some time, and they are raising money every year to serve the patients they care about most. The patients who come to this facility will see something modern that will care for them in-line with the standards fo the world medical community, and patients often travel from around the world to see the doctors in this place. The patients are given better care, and they often recommend the facility to others.

Copa Star Hospital is the finest hospital in South America, and it is known the world over for the care they offer. They are growing a better patient care facility, and they are creating a place where every customer may come to be given the finest care possible regardless of their situation. No one is turned away from the Hospital Copa Star, and they are hiring new people every year to offer finer patient care.

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The Giving Side of Betsy Devos

You can tell what people believe in by looking into their actions. Looking into the donations that the Devos family makes, it’s a clear reflection of their political stand and what they believe in as Christians. Betsy Devos has been married by Dick Devos since the year 1989. During this period, the two have worked hand in hand in transforming the society they live in through outsized community and political donations. This may have been the reason why Betsy Devos was chosen as the secretary of education of the United States by the Trump administration. Betsy Devos has been committed to changing the American education system long before she was married by Dick Devos.

It’s the belief of Betsy Devos that there are some American education stakeholders who are committed to changing the system. Despite these commitments, she has the notion that there is room for improvement. Betsy Devos is not only vocal in educational reforms but commits her money to changing the system. According to 2015 tax returns, Betsy Devos made a contribution of $10 million towards education. This money goes to schools and charity organizations supporting educational reforms. Above this, she also committed herself to donate an additional $3.2 million in the preceding months. Betsy Devos makes her contribution through the Dick and Betsy Devos Family Foundation. Check her website for more info at

To show her commitment to changing the American educational system, Betsy Devos recently funded Campbell Brown to launch an educational site. In addition to this, she donated approximately $400,000 to a foundation called the Partnership for Educational Justice. Other organizations that have received her donations include the Success Academy Charter Schools that received $150,000, the Potters House that received $200,000 and Alliance for School Choice that received $100,000. Colleges and universities that have ever received her donations across the years include Cornell University, Wake Forest University, Calvin College, Ferris State University as well as the School of Missionary Aviation Technology. She also funds Christian organizations like Christian Schools International, Ada Christian School Society, and the Grand Rapids Christian School Association.

Betsy Devos is a mother of four and the wife to Dick Devos. She has an affiliation with the Republican Party since the early 80s. She comes from a rich family known for their generosity, and she has some Dutch descent. Before making her way into politics, Betsy Devos was a business woman, and she was involved with a company called Windquest Group. This is a company that specialized in clean energy and reducing the effects of pollution on the environment. She is also the chief investor in a venture called Neurocore that helps people suffering from several types of disorders such as anxiety, attention deficit disorder as well as all forms of depressions. Betsy Devos was born in the year 1958. Visit Betsy’s profile on Twitter.

What Makes Penelope Kokkinides, COA of InnovaCare Health, Inc. Tick?

Penelope Kokkinides has held several top positions at InnovaCare, Inc. She’s worked her way up the hierarchy ladder owing to her outstanding performances at the office. The business executive has been the company’s V. P in-charge of Clinical Operations, the Chief Operating Officer and most recently, as the Chief Administrative Officer. Under her able guidance and stewardship, the health care management services provider has taken a huge leap in profitability. Penelope isn’t the only professional fueling the unprecedented growth of InnovaCare. No, the organization has invested heavily in recruiting and retaining high-caliber experts to run and manage the affairs of the organization. These top-level management execs include the revered Dr. Rick Shinto.

Companies Served

In the 20 plus years, Dr. Kokkinides has remained in this industry, she’s been fortunate to serve with the leading medical programs services provider. Her previous employers include working as the COO of Centerlight HealthCare. Here her primary responsibilities involved developing an efficient strategy to grow the institute. Penelope was also tasked with coming up new health care management approaches to fit the needs and wants of their ever-rising clientele base. Prior to that posting, she was employed by a subsidiary of UnitedHealth Group called Touchstone Health. Her roles at this firm included overseeing the day-to-day running of the company as the V.P among other core duties.

Education Highlights

Dr. Penelope Kokkinides is an alumnus of the universities of Binghamton and New York. She went to Binghamton to study for her biological sciences Bachelor’s degree and was at NYU for her masters in Social and Community development. Later on, she would enroll at the prestigious Public Health School at Columbia University to pursue her advanced master’s degree. Visit for more info on Penelope Kokkinides.

Interview with Ideamensch

Speaking at an interview, Penelope remarked how she’s often very enthusiastic to face new days. That’s because each new day presents new challenges which require solutions. To relax and unwind her mind, the physician loves traveling. Penelope admits she can’t live and operate without her gadgets and gizmos. Everywhere she is there must be a portable charger nearby. Her biggest advice to aspiring entrepreneurs and business leaders is for them to stay constantly informed about what’s going on in their respective fields. Information makes it possible for you to anticipate the trends and patterns accurately.

Asides running global companies, the doctor loves to spend time and money on the less fortunate members of the society. She now supports several disabled children to get a quality education. She’s a huge fan of the acclaimed author, Simon Sinek and of the social media platform, Twitter.

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The Results Of Lifeline Screening

Life Line Screening offers an array of sophisticated screenings and tests that can foreshadow events from within a person’s body that may lead to concern. All of the testings are non-invasive and is meant to be shared with the individual patient’s personal physician.

There are three primary types of screenings that are done, and they include ultrasound, finger-stick testing, and a limited electrocardiograph. The highly-trained technicians use the latest, state-of-the-art equipment which is hospital grade and provides the most satisfactory results.

The ultrasound screening uses the same technology that was discovered during World War II to seek out enemy submarines by sending out sound waves. In this application, the sound waves bounce off the organs in the body and provide a live look at the various organs. Such observations as blood flow in the arteries such as the aorta and the carotid can be viewed. Also, bone-density can be measured so that potential for osteoporosis risk can be assessed.

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The blood finger-stick test can bring forth an entire lipid panel so measurements for all of the various cholesterol levels. All of the materials that are used for the finger sticking and lab procedures are approved by the FDA and are used throughout America in major hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, and insurance companies.

The electrocardiograph provides an up-to-the-minute look at what is happening in a person’s heart, such as atrial fibrillation, or irregular heart beat. This condition can create blood clots which are precursors to stroke, so it is an important piece of information to know about. A person can have A-Fib and not even be aware of it, which can be dangerous.

Life Line Screening is the premier screening facility in the United States and offers their services to many employers and institutions all over the country. Many businesses have them back again and again because healthy employees are profitable employees over the long run.

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