The Results Of Lifeline Screening

Life Line Screening offers an array of sophisticated screenings and tests that can foreshadow events from within a person’s body that may lead to concern. All of the testings are non-invasive and is meant to be shared with the individual patient’s personal physician.

There are three primary types of screenings that are done, and they include ultrasound, finger-stick testing, and a limited electrocardiograph. The highly-trained technicians use the latest, state-of-the-art equipment which is hospital grade and provides the most satisfactory results.

The ultrasound screening uses the same technology that was discovered during World War II to seek out enemy submarines by sending out sound waves. In this application, the sound waves bounce off the organs in the body and provide a live look at the various organs. Such observations as blood flow in the arteries such as the aorta and the carotid can be viewed. Also, bone-density can be measured so that potential for osteoporosis risk can be assessed.

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The blood finger-stick test can bring forth an entire lipid panel so measurements for all of the various cholesterol levels. All of the materials that are used for the finger sticking and lab procedures are approved by the FDA and are used throughout America in major hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, and insurance companies.

The electrocardiograph provides an up-to-the-minute look at what is happening in a person’s heart, such as atrial fibrillation, or irregular heart beat. This condition can create blood clots which are precursors to stroke, so it is an important piece of information to know about. A person can have A-Fib and not even be aware of it, which can be dangerous.

Life Line Screening is the premier screening facility in the United States and offers their services to many employers and institutions all over the country. Many businesses have them back again and again because healthy employees are profitable employees over the long run.

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