Brian Bonar’s Success Story: What Makes A Successful Entrepreneur?

What makes a successful entrepreneur? Entrepreneurs are business men and women who strike out on their own in order to share their skills and abilities in ways that are unique. A successful entrepreneur keeps on learning and growing, and never stops developing their skills so that they can help more people.

Brian Bonar is a successful entrepreneur. He founded and is now the CEO and Chairman of the Dalrada Financial Corporation. The mission of Dalarda is to help businesses grow and thrive through implementing management strategies and improving sales. Bonar has a strong foundation in sales and management, and combines these skills when it comes to helping his clients with their own businesses. He has over thirty years of experience with business finance, which are a cornerstone in all business operations.

Bonar is known for his dedication to his clients, and his client’s businesses. He helps them set up managerial systems, insurance programs, and educates them about their employee benefits options.

Brian Bonar does not stop at leading one business. He is also the CEO of “Imaging Technologies Corporation”, which is a digital imaging hardware and software company. In addition, he is the CEO of Trucept, which sets businesses up with insurance plans. The wide array of work that Brian Bonar takes on qualifies him as an entrepreneur with many talents and abilities.

His managerial abilities were recently highlighted when he was awarded the “The Cambridge Who’s Who Executive of The Year in Finance”. His background includes work in the business ares of aviation, housing, and commercial retailers.

Because he has experience with a wide range of industries, he is well equipped to help the many different kinds of businesses that come to his Dalrada company for guidance, help with strategy, and products. He also uses his experience with design and procurement to help businesses reach their goals. Learn more about US Money Reserve:

Brian Bonar has a masters degree in mechanical engineering, which might not be seen as an asset to an entrepreneur, whose life revolves around the businesses that they run. But for Brian Bonar, his degree in mechanical engineering was just the beginning.

It got him into a job with IBM, which then led to a job as Director of Engineering for QMS. After four years with QMS, Bonar went on to become involved with sales for the Rastek Company in an executive position.

After working for Rastek, Bonar became a sales manager for the printing company Adaptec. HE learned about the printing industry and outsourcing, and then decided to take what he learned and apply it to his own business. He started “Bezier Systems” which produced a unique kind of printer. He started Dalrada Financial Corporation almost ten years ago, and along the way has founded

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