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Majority of the cases nowadays do not have to go through trial; personal injury claims and civil disagreements are solved outside the court. The cases are settled through a litigation attorney who oversees the claims and takes the necessary measures. Normally, in criminal proceedings, defendants take a plea deal. Through personal injury claims, individual opt for an easier route in handling their case.

Through a litigation lawyer, individuals save time and money that would have been used in normal case proceedings. The civil litigation lawyers work in law firms but are also entitled to choose between government firms or private firms such as corporations, banks, insurance companies, and other big companies.

Duties of a Litigator

Civil litigators are empowered to search for an easier route of dealing with civil cases whether between individuals, companies, or institutions by their employers. Mostly, the easiest terms are based on settlements, if an agreeable settlement is reached before complainants file a lawsuit, both parties get to save quite a considerable amount of money and time. However, if a settlement is not reached, a summon is issued.

The case is then taken to pretrial stage. This stage involves the exchange of documents and information relating to the case whereby litigators from both parties perform the exchange. Settlement can however be reached at this stage, if not, the complainant and defendants attorney’s work hard to build a strong defense for their parties. If an attorney performs his/her duties properly, victory is achieved. A good example of a talented attorney is Karl Heideck

About Karl Heideck

Karl is an attorney who specializes in compliance and risk management based in Philadelphia. He has been a member of Hire Council since the year 2015. His litigation areas of expertise include product liability, commercial litigation, and corporate law. Additionally, Karl Heideck is a dedicated adviser, consultant, and a devoted writer.

Heideck started his career dreams at Swarthmore College with an undergraduate degree. He later furthered his studies at Temple University with a law degree from James E. Beasley School of Law in the year 2009. His field of work has mostly been in his hometown Philadelphia, where he has been helping his community for over 10 years.

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