The Enigmatic Life of Dr. Scott Rocklage

61-year-old Scott Rocklage is an enigma. His exploit is both in biochemical research and entrepreneurship. Dr. Rocklage holds a Ph.D. in Chemistry from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He also holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry from the University of California.

At Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Dr. Rocklage was tutored by the Nobel Prize winning Richard R. Schrok. Based on his extensive educational background, Dr. Rocklage has put his vast knowledge in Chemistry for the right course.

He has used his vast experience in health care, spanning well over thirty years, and extensive knowledge in the field of chemistry to build a career for himself in healthcare, pharmaceuticals and venture capital management.

Currently, Dr. Scott Rocklage serves as the managing partner at 5AM ventures where he has worked in since 2003. He also acts as a chairman on several boards in companies such as Achaogen, Semprus, and Relypsa. He serves on other boards in minor capacities other than being the chairman.

These include the Whitehead Institute Board of Associates, Variation, WaveRx, and Pulmatrix. Also in his portfolio of boards that he chairs are the boards for pharmaceutical companies including Kinestral, Cidara, and Rennovia Therapeutics. He has served in many other organizations and boards in different capacities throughout his career I healthcare and management. Learn more about Orange Coast College: and

With such a vast world of experience in management, it is little wonder that Dr. Scott Rocklage he has been instrumental in his leadership capacity to lead the approval of three drugs by the FDA.

The adoption of Omiscan, Telascan, and Cubicin by the FDA can be directly accredited to the able leadership of Dr. Scott Rocklage in different capacities in various organizations. Also accredited to him is the entrance of over six other drug candidates into testing under the FDA.

He has developed and co-invented over 30 patents throughout his career. Further, Dr. Rocklage has made over 100 publications in science and medicine, most of which are peer reviewed and certified to be well authentic.

Dr. Rocklage’s able leadership has led to the registering of 5AM as a full-fledged go-to venture capital company committed to the development and growth of life science.

Through the enterprise, Rocklage works in close collaboration with other companies committed to the development of life science and healthcare science. He is also committed to charity and philanthropy, gifting his former University MIT to help them in the renovation of their laboratories.

Dr. Scott Rocklage is married to psychotherapist Patty Rocklage.

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