Bruno Fagali: Unbending Ethics To Legal Profession

Around the globe, various individuals are cut out for multiple lines of work. One of the most domineering jobs is being a lawyer given it touches many lives in the sense that, it involves legal representations of individuals whose rights may have been curtailed. Therefore; whether people recognize it, or no lawyers are great people. One such person is Bruno Fagali.

Bruno Fagali is one attorney that is recognized because of his proficiency and hard work. He is a lawyer whose specialty is in law (public and anti-corruption laws), ethics and compliance. Also, he is the founder of FAGALI advocacy.

With most of our governments having corruption issues, embezzlements of public funds has become a norm. Bruno Fagali has come up with various ways to help clean up the structure. With the continuous scandals of corruption, his thoughts and ideas are being embraced by many people as time goes. Bruno has helped organizations work on transparency within their workplace by offering individual instruction and ethics drive. As said, it’s always best to start with one’s home, his law firm, FAGALI, works by public law, consent, election, and anti-corruption. These four are considered vital when it comes to social equity.

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Additionally, he works with nova/sb as the head of corporate Integrity. Nova is a leading advertising organization in that gets a good number of advertisement strives from the government and international agencies like World Health Organizations. His stay here has overseen the creation of an ethics committee. Also, Bruno Fagali has ensured that employees and employers get equal treatment in that despite the position one holds, they are not made to feel like outcasts. For him, equality and professional ethics are core in the corporate world. That is how vices like corruption will be thoroughly dealt with anywhere.

People may look at how much he has succeeded and think maybe he got lucky but, Bruno has worked very hard to be where he is. Like many others in the professional world, he began working as an intern in different law companies. Later, he worked as an attorney in firms like Calil and slowly founded his firm. In short, Bruno Fagali is a fantastic man with unbending ethics in the legal profession.

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