Larkin and Lacey — Circuit Court Victory

Undocumented youths across America have been fighting the fight of their lives for the past few weeks. The holidays, normally times of good will and cheer, were overshadowed with anxiety and dread. In 2017, several bills concerning the DACA and DREAM Acts were introduced to Congress.

The Trump administration announced they would be repealing protections offered to those citizens living in America under protection of both acts. Children who arrived in America with their parents as illegal immigrants are often known as DREAMers. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

They are allowed to reside in America and pursue their own American Dream as normal citizens. Under the DACA Act (Deferred Action Program) these children were protected from being deported. Now, many of the DREAMers have grown into respectable adults and contributing members to American society. DREAMers are our doctors, teachers, students, and lawyers. Read more: Jim Larkin | LinkedIn and Jim Larkin | Crunchbase

December marked a major month in the Congressional proceedings involving the phasing out of DACA. Many supporters are fighting for Senators to introduce a bill similar to the DREAM Act that would protect immigrants’ rights as citizens.

With March 6, 2018 being the date DACA is supposed to begin being phased out, supporters are hoping to rally support from Washington before mid-term elections. In Arizona, Undocumented Students for Education and Equity (USEE) at ASU are hoping to gather enough support to introduce a clean Dream Act. The act would replicate the Dream Act enacted by the Obama administration without the added weight of immigration enforcement or funding for Trump’s border wall.

A small victory in the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals forced the government to reveal their findings and research for repealing the Dream Act. The decision came about when the National Immigration Law Center and Yale filed a lawsuit against the decision to end the DACA program on the basis that the decision was discriminatory.

Though the Trump administration tried to defend itself against revealing their facts surrounding the decision to adversely affect hundreds of thousands of lives, the lawyers presenting the case pressed them for full disclosure. Siding with the tenets of transparency, the Supreme Court ruled the government would be required to reveal all documentation related to the DACA decision.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin support the decision to protect freedom and the Frontera Fund regularly assists activists in the fight against the government’s decision to end DACA. Larkin and Lacey are lobbying with other activists to stop the decision to phase out DACA-DREAM.

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