Fabletics: Why the Reverse Showroom Model Skyrocketed the Brand

When she started working with Fabletics, Kate Hudson had no interest in simply being the face of the company. She says she would never be a spokesperson for a brand she didn’t really believe in. She wanted to be at the heart of the inner-workings of Fabletics (as she is today). Kate is essential to the growth of Fabletics. She attends sales meetings, directs social media and works with directors on the advertising campaigns. She also checks sales information on a frequent basis, making sure she is always in the know with what her members want. At any point she can tell you what is trending, what new styles are coming and what trends will likely come in the future. She even works with designers to determine the next lines of patterns and styles for Fabletics. Unlike many celebrities who work with brands, she is fully vested in Fabletics. Although she says she will always be an actress at heart, Fabletics is currently her top priority.

I love Fabletics because, frankly, I hate shopping. Fabletics uses its fabulous reverse showroom model so I can binge watch television while I search for outfits, see what’s new and then receive a package delivered right to my door each month. The reverse showroom model is becoming a growing trend. As more consumers want to shop online, not to mention physical stores have incredibly high overhead, it seems to be the model of the future. However, five years ago Fabletics was pioneering this model. That, along with using a membership model instead of a traditional e-commerce model, has made Fabletics a company that other startups are building strategy around.


The wonderful thing about Fabletics is that, unlike many membership models, it caters what I have delivered each month to my specific needs and tastes. When you first visit Fabletics website, you take a fun Lifestyle Quiz. The results of these quiz become the cornerstone of how you work with Fabletics and what pieces of athletic gear you receive. The quiz is super simple and just takes a few minutes. It asks you questions about where you like to work out, your sizing information and about which outfits you like and dislike. Then, voila! You are treated to your own little Fabletics world, made just for you.


The Lifestyle quiz is available on the Fabletics website. Don’t worry, it just takes a few minutes until you’re on your way to being the style setting at your gym.

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