Securus Technologies Keeping Unwanted Drones Away From Prison Walls

Drones usage has become quite widespread, and they are being used in many different industries for a different purpose. They are being used in the advertising and marketing industry to take HD videos and photos from the ground up while they are being used in the delivery industry to send products to the customers quickly and easily. But, its usage has also increased to a great extent in the prison industry, and it is where its usage is putting a risk on people’s life. Even though there are laws against the use of drones in many areas, many of them go undetected and lead to serious consequences.


The drones are used by the criminals to deliver illegal materials such as drugs, contraband phones and even weapons inside the prison. Since these are illegal for prisoners to use, the prisoners find new and improved ways to have them delivered inside the prisons using their partners outside of the prison. The high walls are a no match to the drones as they can fly several feet high without any problem. The drones are modified to carry the illegal materials, and then once they cross the prison walls, the materials are dropped inside the prison areas where the prisoners can find them and use them to their advantage. Earlier efforts to stop the usage of drones have been unsuccessful as it required more workforce to be on a lookout for the drones that are impossible to find if one does not know what they are looking for.


One of the prison technology companies that have been doing their best to stop the use of these drones by the criminals is Securus Technologies. The company has introduced counter UAV systems in the market that would allow the drones from breaching the walls of the prisons and keeping illegal materials out of its premises. It has been testing the technology for more than 18 months, and the experts feel that the technology will grow in itself after it has been installed and run. Securus Technologies is already running successful trials in collaborations with many of their prison customers, and the results have been excellent so far. The company feels that the trials will allow them to identify issues if any and correct them to make the technology foolproof.


With the words of their new technology spreading, Securus Technologies have already received many orders from prisons across the country for their drone detection technology. The company is considering increasing their manufacturing capacity to be able to meet the demand. The company is also expecting the numbers to grow further once their customers start to use the drone detection technology and the authorities are able to see the results.