Ricardo Tosto: Getting High Quality Business Advice

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho provides outstanding legal solutions and numerous businesses and organizations turn to him for expert assistance. Among the many worries for entrepreneurs and those who are starting a company is the question of whether they should hire a business lawyer. Many business owners only consult a business lawyer when dealing with a complex or serious legal issue. However, legal advice or guidance is a crucial aspect of operating business that often helps you avoid costly mistakes or legal trouble.If you operate a business or manage an organization, you need top notch advice on how to comply with the law.

There are many rules and regulations to be aware of and a knowledgeable lawyer can guide you and ensure you understand how to comply with them.Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is a leading corporate and business law attorney and has been providing services for yours. Based in Brazil, his law firm is one of the most prominent in the industry and caters to clients across the nation.While you certainly don’t have to hire or consult a lawyer for every step of operating your business or managing a company, prevention should be on your mind.

It is important to know when you can address legal matters without a lawyer or with minimal lawyer’s assistance and when you ought to enlist the services of a business or corporate lawyer.It is a good idea to request a consultation with the lawyer you’re considering. This will help you to determine if you the lawyer is right for you.Before you hire a lawyer or law firm be sure to check out their website. It is important get a feel about the law firm or lawyer. This will provide you with the information you need to make the right decision.As you’ve just learned, corporate or business ventures involve several legal requirements and know-how. It is advisable to leave the more complicated issues to the experts. Ricardo Tosto is an experienced corporate and business litigation attorney. Ricardo Tosto has a great reputation among peers and clients and comes highly recommended.

Larkin and Lacey — Circuit Court Victory

Undocumented youths across America have been fighting the fight of their lives for the past few weeks. The holidays, normally times of good will and cheer, were overshadowed with anxiety and dread. In 2017, several bills concerning the DACA and DREAM Acts were introduced to Congress.

The Trump administration announced they would be repealing protections offered to those citizens living in America under protection of both acts. Children who arrived in America with their parents as illegal immigrants are often known as DREAMers. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: http://www.bizjournals.com/phoenix/potmsearch/detail/submission/6427818/Michael_Lacey

They are allowed to reside in America and pursue their own American Dream as normal citizens. Under the DACA Act (Deferred Action Program) these children were protected from being deported. Now, many of the DREAMers have grown into respectable adults and contributing members to American society. DREAMers are our doctors, teachers, students, and lawyers. Read more: Jim Larkin | LinkedIn and Jim Larkin | Crunchbase

December marked a major month in the Congressional proceedings involving the phasing out of DACA. Many supporters are fighting for Senators to introduce a bill similar to the DREAM Act that would protect immigrants’ rights as citizens.

With March 6, 2018 being the date DACA is supposed to begin being phased out, supporters are hoping to rally support from Washington before mid-term elections. In Arizona, Undocumented Students for Education and Equity (USEE) at ASU are hoping to gather enough support to introduce a clean Dream Act. The act would replicate the Dream Act enacted by the Obama administration without the added weight of immigration enforcement or funding for Trump’s border wall.

A small victory in the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals forced the government to reveal their findings and research for repealing the Dream Act. The decision came about when the National Immigration Law Center and Yale filed a lawsuit against the decision to end the DACA program on the basis that the decision was discriminatory.

Though the Trump administration tried to defend itself against revealing their facts surrounding the decision to adversely affect hundreds of thousands of lives, the lawyers presenting the case pressed them for full disclosure. Siding with the tenets of transparency, the Supreme Court ruled the government would be required to reveal all documentation related to the DACA decision.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin support the decision to protect freedom and the Frontera Fund regularly assists activists in the fight against the government’s decision to end DACA. Larkin and Lacey are lobbying with other activists to stop the decision to phase out DACA-DREAM.

The Chief Executive Officer Of Nabors Industries, Tony Petrello

It’s quite encouraging to note that several businesses, as well as companies within Houston, do not only care about making massive profits from the local community but also cared for them when they are in need of help. For example, people in Houston and the surroundings were hit by the Hurricane Harvey in 2017. The destructions felt in various areas included streets flooding, houses destroyed as well as the supply of necessities could not meet the growing demand. Immediately after the disaster several businesses including the Nabors Industries, H-E-B and Houston Food Bank decided to offer essential services to the affected people.

The employees of the local drilling firm always participate in special events, community projects as well as fundraisers. At Nabors Industries, an integral part of the company culture is giving back to the community, and it is one culture that the Chief Executive Officer Tony Petrello is passionate about. Also on a regular day, the employees work on their health goals at the fitness center as well as getting some coffee from the Naborhood Café on the property. They would then take some time off from work to assist with relief efforts after Hurricane Harvey destroyed the city. Tony noted that the workers went there whenever the need arises and they would be paid to show appreciation for the service.

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Tony Petrello was married to Cynthia. The duo met while in college, and their relationship blossomed to be one of its kind. Cynthia and Tony became very close to each other that they partnered in many charitable events in life apart from their shared passion for education. More so, they would make Houston the central place for their philanthropic activities in spite of Tony’s original home being New Jersey. To anyone that followed charitable and philanthropy acts within Houston, Tony’s name would never go unmentioned since he had established himself as one of the best generous people of the time. Tony studied in Yale University where he met with professor Serge Lang who was a famous mathematician as well as an author. The latter became his mentor who impacted his life in a positive way.

With a J. d degree from Harvard University School of Law, Tony Petrello joined the Baker & McKenzie law firm where he served as the Managing Partner of the firm. Besides, Petrello had a BS degree in Mathematics from Yale University. In 1991, he joined Nabors Industries to serve as Chief Operating Officer.

Search more about Tony Petrello: http://www1.salary.com/Anthony-G-Petrello-Salary-Bonus-Stock-Options-for-NABORS-INDUSTRIES-LTD.html

Entrepreneurship Success Inspired by Todd Lubar

Have you ever wondered what entrepreneurs do differently from you that makes them stars? Well, the only way to learn is by reading about them. Todd Lubar is the President of LLC. He is on the list of the top 25 mortgage originators. He has ventured into different fields, including the entertainment sector.

How is Todd Lubar’s Day Like?

It is essential to know how the successful people begin their day. This is because the morning is the pace setter of the day.

Todd Lubar begins his day with a cup of coffee. He then takes breakfast with his children. This is important because we know entrepreneurship can separate us from our loved ones. This would be fulfilling.

Todd Lubar then checks the news, email and website toddlubar.com as well. He explains that using the information; he can come up with a good plan for his day.

Todd Lubar then workouts before going to work. Working stretches his muscles and kills the fatigue. He is, therefore, assured of a fulfilling day at work.

He says that if he had a chance to start over again, he would only change one thing. These are the people who he surrounds himself with in life. He says that you should only associate with people who build you. People who challenge you. This will constantly help you grow in all aspects.

Todd Lubar advises young business persons to wake up every day and work until they can’t work anymore. Then wake-up and work some more. He says success does not come easily. It is earned. He says that even if your work seems repetitive, keep working. He reminds entrepreneurs to remember their goals. This is because, it is the small times of hard work that will take you where you want.

Todd Lubar says that he has made it by establishing a culture of trust and belief in the company. Through this, they have been able to achieve their goals. The staff here are comfortable and know their opinion is valid. These ideas are what keeps them moving. Despite the downfalls they have heard, this culture has played a significant role in the company. Follow Todd on Facebook.

Human Rights Organizations in America

ACLU Immigrants’ Rights Project

ACLU Immigrants’ Rights Project is an organization which protects the rights of immigrants; both human rights and civil rights. The groups apply various approaches which are meant to achieve an effective human rights protection campaign.

The group applies three approaches namely; advocacy, litigation, and outreach. In the United States, this is the biggest advocacy group. It carries the highest number of litigation related to human rights violations and protection. Most of the litigation cases are taken to the highest court on the land, the Supreme Court while others are taken to the district courts.

ACLU Immigrants’ Rights Project is concerned with how to protect the rights of the underprivileged in the societies.

The group hopes to achieve equality in human race by effecting laws that support the human rights as they are enshrined in the constitution of the United States.

Amazon Watch

This is an organization that works in collaboration with environmental organizations in San Francisco to protect the rights of the indigenous people. With the industrialization taking over it has become increasingly important that the people be protected from the negative effects of industrialization such as air, soil and water pollution.

The Amazon area has recorded increase in infrastructural activities related to oil and gas. Both of these put the people in the area at the risk of negative environmental effects in case of a leakage in the system.

Advocates for Human Rights

Advocates for Human Rights is an organization made up of lawyers who are dedicated to fighting for human rights. This organization uses litigation as means to push through their point. Composed of advocates the organization goes to courts to block laws that are discriminatory and do not support the principles of human rights.

The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

This is an organization which has been at the forefront in supporting human rights groups in Arizona. The organization was created by two journalists Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin. They started the organization with $3.75 million.

The money was from settlement fees they were awarded by the courts of appeal of the United States. They had been unfairly arrested, and the courts recommended they be compensated.

All these organizations have one thing in common. They are all pushing for a better society that is guided by fairness and respect for human life. They are pushing for a better society that does not bend the law to treat some people unfairly. They respect the human rights as guaranteed in the law. Human rights dictate that all human beings are equal and deserve to be treated as so.

According to the UN charter on human rights, the rights of every human being are equal regardless of the origin of a person. Most of the human rights movements are pushing for better treatment of immigrants communities in the United States. For the longest time now, the united states have been marred by cases of human rights violations especially for the migrants than any other group.

Immigrants and minorities in the United States have faced a lot of challenges in the fight for their rights. There have been numerous legislations which have subjected immigrants to serious human rights violations.

Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

Michael Lacey


Daniel Taub Resigns after 4 Years of Great Service as an Ambassador

The trade that has been taking place between the United Kingdom and Israel has increased significantly. A recent survey shows that the increase happened when Daniel Taub was serving as an Ambassador in Israel. The businessman has done his best to foster great deals in academics, business and many cultural links that are in both countries.

Although the ambassador has only been in the position for only four years, people say that he is one of the most hardworking person due to the numerous accomplishments he has left behind.

Sajid Javid, currently working as the British Secretary in Business Innovation says that the amount of trade that takes place in both nations has now entered into a golden era. According to Sajid Javid, more than three hundred Israeli businesses have now been established in several locations in the United Kingdom.

Sajid says that the bilateral trade contract between the nations has significantly increased to more than seven billion in the last four years. Before Daniel Taub was appointed to the position, the trade was five billion.

Mr Daniel Taub was born and also raised in U.K. His parents were very hard-working citizens who wanted to give their young son the best education in the world. Read more: Daniel Taub | Wikipedia and Daniel Taub | LinkedIn

Several years later, he decided to relocate and stay in Israel. In the year 2011, Daniel was chosen to serve as the Israeli Ambassador. This was one of the greatest achievements for the respected businessman. He was now going to serve as an ambassador in his mother country.

While serving in this position, Daniel Taub has done his best, leaving a history in the development of both nations. The trained lawyer has had the opportunity to go for peace missions in several countries in the world. Some of these include Ireland the United Kingdom.

The expertise he gained in these missions has helped him serve as an ambassador. Apart from being a peaceful individual, Daniel Taub has done his best to make sure that the two nations preserve their culture.

Daniel Taub has enjoyed a successful career because of several reasons. First of all, Taub went to some of the best universities in the world, and they gave him the expertise and knowledge needed to venture into the corporate world.

Taub did very well in his studies, and he was given several awards while still in school. His career life has been successful because of the educational background.

Prosperity of Scott Rocklage Businesses

Scott Roklage at Nycomed made the organization prosper due to the and he was the CEO and the President of the company and a lot of clients always want their services because they were enhanced. Furthermore as the board member of different companies including, Rennovia, Pulmatrix, Cidara, and Epirus was able to take them at the top with his better supervision at the organization.

In order to help another business man, he writes books that he gives them advice on how they should over come challenges and prosper. His accomplish is also due to the establishment of more than 30 US bonds.

Through supporting other organizations to establish and improve the services which they give to clients 5 AM Venture hence they are recognized worldwide. Read more: Scott Racklage | Bloomberg

The principle of attending clients first is the best thing that makes them unique because they are able to have clients trust. The profit of the company raises daily due to the strategies that they always invent in order to offer improved services. Read more: Idea Mensch | Scott Rocklage

Larger companies always want to associate with the company because it enables them to learn a lot on how they can improve their business. In addition, the medical sector always depends on the organization because they are able to assist them with a solution to their challenges.

Through the proper employment of staff members who are well trained the organization offer services that are exceptional and also they are able to expand their services to other parts of the world. Through offering upcoming medical clinics small capital and management they are able to make them prosper.

Learn more about Scott Rocklage:

Scott M. Rocklage, PhD


How Boraie Development Helps The Children Of New Brunswick

New Jersey Stage recently published an article about their Free Summer Movies Series. This series, which is sponsored by Boraie Development as well as The Provident Bank Foundation, puts on movies throughout the summer for families free of charge. This year they will be showing popular animated movies such as Frozen, Despicable Me, Babe, Monsters University, Aladdin, and E.T. the Extra Terrestrial. There are two showings each day, one in the morning and another in the evening.

Attending these films will be parents with children as well as summer camps and other children’s groups. The movies are shown in the State Theatre which was built in 1921 and shows movies as well as live performances. The movie viewings are held in order to help children from lower income families have fun watching a movie with their parents and others in the community.

When discussing their sponsorship of these free viewings, Hiam Boraie of Boraie Development said that they are proud to once again be a sponsor this year. He and the other executives at the company find it to be an honor to give families and children the opportunity to see movies for free throughout the summer. Visit Rutgers for more.

Jane Kurek of The Provident Bank Foundation also released a statement. She says that her company is gratified to help families of all different types of background see a movie at the State Theatre free of charge.

The State Theatre seats 1,850 people. It has been restored and includes a balcony which is a popular place to be seated. The theatre has a 46′ screen and the digital cinema projection system is the latest version to be released.

Omar Boraie established Boraie Development, LLC in the early 1970’s in New Brunswick, New Jersey. He is originally from Egypt and when he landed in New Brunswick he saw the potential of the city that many others didn’t see. At the time the city was vacated as soon as business closed for the day and the city was slowly dying. He bought up some adjacent run down properties and leveled them in order to build much needed new housing, office spaces, and retail space. This building is called Albany Street Plaza Tower One and recently it was joined by another tower.

Boraie Development has built a number of buildings in New Brunswick. They have also expanded to Newark and Atlantic City which new building projects. Visit boraie.com

See more: http://www.njbiz.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20161220/NJBIZ01/161219963/developer-waseem-boraie-debunks-5-myths-about-doing-business-in-ac-after-breaking-ground-on-81m-project&template=mobileart

Nathaniel Ru – Article recap

Alright, the skinny on Nathaniel Ru, co-founder of Sweetgreen, is that he has brains breeding and background to make waves in the food service industry. Plus, he has grassroots common sense enough to know what works, and if not, and how to make it so. What is most impressive and surprising about Sweetgreen is the speed of its success.



Surely, this success is due to Nathanial Ru’s innovative thinking and passionate desire to make a positive change in communities and an industry across the United States, starting right in Georgetown University. It is in the company’s DNA, according to Ru. First and for most, he and his co-founders want a brand name that stands for something and can be a trusted name for a healthy product and service.



But, the quality level of services and products, when it comes to commerce with Sweetgreen, is only half of what makes it worth looking into. There is also a technically savvy aspect to this business that has a niche market. This is an extremely good practice. One third of all their transactions occur online through its website. And, they are definitely with it when it comes to ordering via mobile application. That also is nice, because the whole ordering by smartphone maneuver can be hard for business and their customers to navigate.



As if a genuine desire to improve the quality of people’s lives and the smarts to incorporate the Internet of Things into its business model are not enough, there is more innovation permeating from this company. They also operate, from the executive level on down, from a daring and different point of view. That is to say that for a couple of weeks during the year corporate operations halt so that the figure heads can serve from the frontlines. This ensures that their view of what is going on in their establishments is crystal clear.



The real genius of the Sweetgreen venture is the vision required to see exactly what need was in existence but not being filled. Usually, the smart money in business says to reverse engineer and follow the leader to success. Nathaniel Ru, his partners and their company really do stand that advice on its head.



One fun fact about Nathaniel is that he has a passion for reading books. A lesson he keeps in mind, when it comes to running his business, is that he cannot do it all and some things have to be delegated. He admires Kevin Plank of Under Armour, as a fellow CEO (Chief Executive Officer). And, his favorite restaurant is Johnny Monis’ Little Serow.

What Makes Penelope Kokkinides, COA of InnovaCare Health, Inc. Tick?

Penelope Kokkinides has held several top positions at InnovaCare, Inc. She’s worked her way up the hierarchy ladder owing to her outstanding performances at the office. The business executive has been the company’s V. P in-charge of Clinical Operations, the Chief Operating Officer and most recently, as the Chief Administrative Officer. Under her able guidance and stewardship, the health care management services provider has taken a huge leap in profitability. Penelope isn’t the only professional fueling the unprecedented growth of InnovaCare. No, the organization has invested heavily in recruiting and retaining high-caliber experts to run and manage the affairs of the organization. These top-level management execs include the revered Dr. Rick Shinto.

Companies Served

In the 20 plus years, Dr. Kokkinides has remained in this industry, she’s been fortunate to serve with the leading medical programs services provider. Her previous employers include working as the COO of Centerlight HealthCare. Here her primary responsibilities involved developing an efficient strategy to grow the institute. Penelope was also tasked with coming up new health care management approaches to fit the needs and wants of their ever-rising clientele base. Prior to that posting, she was employed by a subsidiary of UnitedHealth Group called Touchstone Health. Her roles at this firm included overseeing the day-to-day running of the company as the V.P among other core duties.

Education Highlights

Dr. Penelope Kokkinides is an alumnus of the universities of Binghamton and New York. She went to Binghamton to study for her biological sciences Bachelor’s degree and was at NYU for her masters in Social and Community development. Later on, she would enroll at the prestigious Public Health School at Columbia University to pursue her advanced master’s degree. Visit Bloomberg.com for more info on Penelope Kokkinides.

Interview with Ideamensch

Speaking at an interview, Penelope remarked how she’s often very enthusiastic to face new days. That’s because each new day presents new challenges which require solutions. To relax and unwind her mind, the physician loves traveling. Penelope admits she can’t live and operate without her gadgets and gizmos. Everywhere she is there must be a portable charger nearby. Her biggest advice to aspiring entrepreneurs and business leaders is for them to stay constantly informed about what’s going on in their respective fields. Information makes it possible for you to anticipate the trends and patterns accurately.

Asides running global companies, the doctor loves to spend time and money on the less fortunate members of the society. She now supports several disabled children to get a quality education. She’s a huge fan of the acclaimed author, Simon Sinek and of the social media platform, Twitter.

Read more: http://www.bizjournals.com/potmsearch/detail/submission/6104172/Penelope_Kokkinides