Todd Lubar: Selling Smart Homes to Smart People

According to Mr. Todd Lubar, president of TDL Global Ventures, the real estate market is about to experience a paradigm shift. He likens it to other such leaps forward in technology like the invention of the steam engine or the automobile. Mr. Lubar is referring to the advent of the age of the smart home. Houses in the future will differ from the homes where we grew up. Our internet connections will allow us to manage every facet of what makes our houses our homes.

Todd Lubar is a real estate professional based in Maryland. He presents the “charmed city” as a more reasonable choice for millennials who are looking for homes in the Washinton, D.C. – Baltimore area. Mr. Lubar specializes in refurbishing properties in Baltimore and fitting them with all of the latest smart home technologies. He believes that the trend of savvy buyers looking for “internet of things” (IT) features is only in its infancy. He predicts that in 30 years every home will be a smart home, connected to the internet.

Mr. Lubar is a graduate of Syracuse University, with a bachelors degree in speech communications. He has worked in nearly every facet of the housing industry, from construction to mortgage brokerage. Mr. Lubar derives great satisfaction from helping to fulfill peoples dreams, by putting them in homes they will love and at the right price. Todd Lubar is a naturally skilled real estate entrepreneur with good instincts for the trends in the market. His objective is to strive to combine continually innovative technologies with reliable real estate practices. For more details visit LinkedIn.

Todd Lubar attributes his success to a variety of factors. Not least of which is his attention to details and consistently following up with his team of trusted real estate professionals, with whom he has surrounded himself. Mr. Lubar has said that the two most important factors in one’s success are tenacity and being in the company of people upon whom you can depend. Regarding the future of his business, Mr. Luber is confident that people with dreams will always need his services. Furthermore, as the IT trend continues to evolve, TDL Global Ventures will be there. You can follow their Instagram page.

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Jason Hope and His Entrepreneurial Experience in Mobile Technology

Jason hope has an unmatched entrepreneurial spirit, especially in matters technology. He says that he has always had a fascination with mobile communication. This fascination provided him with the start point in his career. After graduating with a degree in business, he founded Jawa, his own mobile communications company.

He acknowledges that the biggest problem faced by startups is funding. At the beginning of his career, this proved to be a major challenge. He, however, has managed to set up a grant program for innovative entrepreneurs. Through his website, budding entrepreneurs can leave submissions that he then takes the time to evaluate and determine which ones deserve the funding.

The Next Big Thing

On his vision for the next huge market revolutionary product, Jason Hope says that the Internet of Things is a close watch. He says that all new devices being created and marketed are utilizing this fact about Internet of Things and putting it into use. This is through their connectivity abilities that increase the level and speed of communication. The very same Internet of Things is also revolutionizing the medical industry.

Advice to Young Entrepreneurs

Jason Hope advises upcoming entrepreneurs to always have the bigger picture in mind when coming up with a new idea. He also says the people you surround yourself with while developing the idea are of much importance. This is because budding entrepreneurs tend to be overly concerned with minute details that back-track their progress.

The Most Valuable Business Skill

On the most important business skill an entrepreneur should be equipped with in this modern age, Jason Hope recommends online marketing. Social media has proven to be a very strong and viable marketing tool for new products. The presence of a strategy that focuses on digital marketing is very critical in business.

About Jason Hope

Apart from his focus on entrepreneurship, Jason Hope is also a big-hearted philanthropist. Jason Hope gave a $500,000 pledge to the SENS foundation on 9th December 2010. The foundation is focused on doing research on the use of regenerative medicine as an anti-aging tool.

He grew up in Arizona where his current business is located in Scottsdale. At the W.P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University, Jason Hope graduated with an MBA. He also earned a BS in finance at the same university. He occasionally goes out of his way to mentor high school students in Arizona.