Fabletics: Why the Reverse Showroom Model Skyrocketed the Brand

When she started working with Fabletics, Kate Hudson had no interest in simply being the face of the company. She says she would never be a spokesperson for a brand she didn’t really believe in. She wanted to be at the heart of the inner-workings of Fabletics (as she is today). Kate is essential to the growth of Fabletics. She attends sales meetings, directs social media and works with directors on the advertising campaigns. She also checks sales information on a frequent basis, making sure she is always in the know with what her members want. At any point she can tell you what is trending, what new styles are coming and what trends will likely come in the future. She even works with designers to determine the next lines of patterns and styles for Fabletics. Unlike many celebrities who work with brands, she is fully vested in Fabletics. Although she says she will always be an actress at heart, Fabletics is currently her top priority.

I love Fabletics because, frankly, I hate shopping. Fabletics uses its fabulous reverse showroom model so I can binge watch television while I search for outfits, see what’s new and then receive a package delivered right to my door each month. The reverse showroom model is becoming a growing trend. As more consumers want to shop online, not to mention physical stores have incredibly high overhead, it seems to be the model of the future. However, five years ago Fabletics was pioneering this model. That, along with using a membership model instead of a traditional e-commerce model, has made Fabletics a company that other startups are building strategy around.


The wonderful thing about Fabletics is that, unlike many membership models, it caters what I have delivered each month to my specific needs and tastes. When you first visit Fabletics website, you take a fun Lifestyle Quiz. The results of these quiz become the cornerstone of how you work with Fabletics and what pieces of athletic gear you receive. The quiz is super simple and just takes a few minutes. It asks you questions about where you like to work out, your sizing information and about which outfits you like and dislike. Then, voila! You are treated to your own little Fabletics world, made just for you.


The Lifestyle quiz is available on the Fabletics website. Don’t worry, it just takes a few minutes until you’re on your way to being the style setting at your gym.

The Strength of Fabletics in the Athleisure wear World

Fabletics is a company that has become a trendsetter, and Kate Hudson is responsible for a large part of this. She has developed a company that provides athleisure wear and stylish athletic clothing to women that are trying to make the best of each workout session that they engage in.


Kate Hudson has gone the distance to transition from the role of an entertainer to that of a retail clothing mogul. She is still in the acting business, but this has become a secondary thing to Hudson. Her focus right now is clearly on Fabletics, and anyone that knows her can see exactly her passion.


People know alot about what she is doing in the industry because she is always talking about the Fabletics brand. She does not let one moment go by when she is doing an interview to not inform people about what she is doing next with Fabletics. This is why the company has received a lot of positive buzz in recent months. People are engaged with what Kate Hudson is talking about, and they are dying to know more about this brand that stands out from so many of the other competitors.


The competition is strong, but Hudson is not worried. She has her mind on building a stronger brand of athletic clothing than what people have seen in the past. She wants to create something that is new and exciting, and she has done this in full force.


Kate has managed to put her time into getting people connected to Fabletics because the brand is always presenting something new. People see new garments on this website every week. That is not something that is done with any other line of athletic clothing. Few companies have the ability to even bring forth new garments on a monthly basis. Kate Hudson has gone against the grain and decided to do this on a weekly basis. That definitely makes this brand stand out unlike anything else that people have seen before.


Hudson is proving that she has what it takes to make Fabletics one of the best when it comes to athletic clothing for women. She is going against the grain and giving consumers the type of athletic clothing brand that she always wanted to see. She knew that there was a void missing in the athletic clothing industry, and she has done her best to fill it.

Doe Deere: The Unicorn Goddess Of Limecrime

Doe Deere is one of the most prominent makeup Mughals in the current industry. She is the founder of Lime Crime, one of the largest and most popular alternative makeup brands in the entire world. Doe Deere embodies everything that her company stands for, as uses her body as a canvas to showcase her creativity using her makeup. Dubbed as the Unicorn Goddess, she is also an extremely famous internet celebrity, gathering millions of followers and fans on social networking sites like Instagram and Twitter.

Doe Deere moved to the United States when she was just seventeen. She wanted to make it big in the music industry, which is why she decided to live in New York and focus on it. She was known throughout the entertainment scene for her incredible music, but more so for the kind of looks that she carried out. In the 1990s, people experimented far less with their looks, and their makeup in particular. Doe Deere has always been a lover of bright colors and an even more brilliant fashion. But at the time, makeup brands did not have all the colors that Doe Deere wanted to wear. They were more geared towards people who wanted to have a professional look at their workplace and did not make one stand out from the crowd.

With that in mind, Doe Deere soon realized that if she wanted to use her body as a canvas and make her makeup and art, she would have to start making her own in the colors that she wanted. She soon started making extremely colorful and bright pieces of makeup which gathered a lot of attention. She would go on stage wearing the makeup that she made, which made a lot of people ask her about the products that she was using. She would tell them that she was the one who made it, and they would instantly ask her if she could make some for them as well. This was when Doe Deere first got the idea for LimeCrime.

Since its inception, Lime Crime has grown extensively to become the makeup giant it is today. LimeCrime was also one of the first products actually to use Instagram models on a large scale and now has numerous people all over the world trying out their products. Doe Deere stands as an inspiration for women all over the world who are looking to start out their companies.

To learn more, visit http://www.doedeere.com/.

Fabletics-Taking the World by Storm

Kate Hudson’s Fabletics product line is succeeding in the fashion e-commerce market of Amazon. This is no small feat, since Amazon currently controls 20 percent of the fashion e-commerce market. Fabletics has grown to a $250 million business in just three years. Fabletics uses a subscription to sell active wear to its subscribers.


High value brands are normally expected to cost a lot more, but Fabletics is just as good of a product, if not better than its competition. Some of the things that make Fabletics as a brand and product stand out, are the customer service, brand recognition, last-mile service, and trendy design. These qualities make Fabletics products high quality products, but without the unreasonably high price tag. According to the Krazy Coupon Lady, “It truly is a screaming bargain!”


The strategy implemented by Fabletics is apparently paying off as far as the membership brand goes and they will be opening more physical stores this year. This will be in addition to the sixteen stores already located in Hawaii, California, Florida, and Illinois.


Greg Throgmartin, General Manager of Fabletics, believes the secret formula of Fabletics is their membership model that allows the customer to receive personalized service and trendy fashion for a fraction of the cost of competitors.


When it comes to the way Fabletics does things, they do them a little differently. Fabletics has turned browsing into a plus. Instead of starting off with “pop-up” stores, they built online relationships with their customers on an online structure. They also took the time to get to know the local markets through activities and events. So, because of this, 3o to 50 percent of the people that walk through the door of their physical stores are already members. Fabletics stores also tailor their items to the customers in the area or online, to avoid a lot of searching through articles that just aren’t quite their style. The growth rate for the brand is steady and this makes it possible to keep offering a great product for a great price. This is why so many people are raving about Fabletics. A Foodie Stays Fit blogger comments: “I feel like it’s a really good deal for the style and quality” and a reviewer on Trust Pilot comments: “One word to describe Fabletics-AWESOME!” The public knows when they’ve scored a great product. And the great price is just the icing on the cake.

Don Ressler is a Force to Reckon with in the fashion industry

A lot can be said about Don Ressler. He is an innovative and highly successful business person. He has built his understanding of the internet market for many years now. He has helped in the growth and success of several companies. The success seen in businesses such as JustFab has seen him called an internet marketing guru. Don Ressler started his first company known as FitnessHeaven.com. He sold the company later to Intermix Media at a very young age. He joined Intermix Media where he led several ventures in the company that assisted in increasing the value of the company’s stocks. It was at Intermix Media that he met his future business partner, Adam Goldenberg.

Don and Adam worked at Intermix Media.  However, Intermix Media was sold to News Corp, and the two had little control of the business. They decide to start their company known as Intelligent Beauty. The company sold a line of cosmetics in the internet market space on TechStyle.com. They focused on a weight loss system, skincare, and general cosmetics. A few years after the start, Intelligent Beauty was rebranded to JustFab. JustFab became an e-commerce fashion store that focused on a subscription business model.

JustFab received a funding of $33 million from Matrix Partners at the start. Goldenberg and Ressler enlisted the services of Kimora Simons who worked with them as the president and the creative director of the company. JustFab held another round of funding in April 2012. The company was able to raise $76 million that would expand and grow the business. The funds were outsourced from companies such as Intelligent Beauty, Matrix Partners, Rho Ventures, and Crossover Ventures. Don Ressler established the headquarters of JustFab in El Segundo. The place was an ideal destination as it had an international airport facility and an expandable office space on Brandettes.

JustFab has always focused on expanding its markets to meet customer needs. Since most of the company’s subscribers were parents, they decided to launch a fashion line for children. The brand was called FabKids and started operating in January 2013. JustFab purchased Fab Shoes during that year. Fab Shoes was an e-commerce site based in Europe at https://pando.com/2014/08/28/breaking-justfab-raises-85m-at-what-sources-say-is-a-1b-valuation/. The purchase assisted in the increase of the company’s market by 500,000 in Spain and France. The company had a total number of subscribers amounting to 3 million by December 2013.