This Is When Trade Doubled Between Israel and the UK

Daniel Taub was the ambassador from Israel to the United Kingdom. What some people do not know is that trade between the two countries more than doubled during the time he served on his tenure. Read more: Daniel Taub | About and  Daniel Taub | LinkedIn

The embassy released a statement saying that trade has more than doubled. In addition, they cited additional improvements in various areas. For example, they said that cultural and business ties have improved dramatically.

A British official also told a crowd that the period of relations between the two countries was reaching a golden era. Over three hundred Israeli businesses have set up offices in the United Kingdom. In addition, trade has reached the amount of five and a half billion dollars every year.

Daniel Taub is known for having stood up for Israel during his time as ambassador. He made sure to represent his country. He was actually born in England, but moved to Israel later in his life.

He made sure to stand up for Israel in the college campuses, where people campaigned against Israel and tried to hurt it by doing the BDS program.

Daniel Taub has a great education. He studied in many prestigious universities and colleges. Some of those include Oxford, Harvard, University College and others. He was a combat medic in the Israel Defense Forces. He worked as a speechwriter for Israeli Ambassador to the United Nations, Chaim Herzog.

Chaim Herzog was also the President of Israel. His move to Israel was made in 1989. He was a legal advisor to the foreign affairs office of the government of Israel. He was very active in dealing with the Israeli Palestinian peace deal. Learn more about Daniel Taub: and

He helped negotiate a lot of the deals and agreements. He was also a member of the teams that negotiated between Israel and Syria. He represented Israel before the United Nations when the Gaza flotilla incident occurred.

When asked by the Queen what it felt to be the ambassador to the country where he was born, he said that he wants to develop the ties between the two countries. He said that he loves Israel and feels it is his homeland. He also said that Britain provided his family with a lot of opportunity during the years he and his ancestors lived there.

He put a lot of focus on developing ties between the two countries on issues such as trade and technology. He also gives lectures and is a public speaker.