Rights bodies and their role in protection of human, civil and migrants’ rights

Human, civil and migrants’ rights are at the heart of any vibrant society in the world. Any progressive society respects the rights of the people and ensures that the weak in the society are allowed an opportunity to exercise their rights without being limited.

Human rights are universal and are allowed under the United Nations Charter. This means that every country in the world is supposed to observe and respect the human rights. Human rights are basic and should be allowed for every human being in the world without considering their body features.

Human rights have no boundary. In the United States irrespective of the origin of a person, the right to live is protected by the constitution of the land.

The constitution incorporates international law as part of the law which should be practiced in the country, and this qualifies the United Nations charter as one of the laws which apply in the country. What this means is that, it does not matter if one is a migrant in the country, human rights should be guaranteed to all.

United Nations have for so many years been engaged in heated campaigns that have been orchestrated by human and civil rights movements in the country. The civil society in the United States is very strong and proactive in ensuring that the rights of the people are protected.

However, despite the existence of these rights groups, human rights violations continue to happen. Some cases are reported every day in different parts of the country. Most of the violations which happen revolve around the topics of racial discrimination and immigration. Learn more about James Larkin and Michael Lacey: http://james-larkin.com/and http://frontpageconfidential.com/michael-lacey-jim-larkin-arpaio-frontera-fund-first-amendment/

These two have been at the heart of human violations in the United States. Rights groups in the country continue to battle them by pressuring the government to pass policies and legislation which will ensure there is equal access to freedom for all.

These groups have also been using the approach of educating the masses against effects of injustices and discrimination of people based on the origin. All over the world, it is the right of every person to live anywhere, and immigration should not be seen as a punitive measure to the natives, it should be embraced as a measure promote international integration.

Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

This is funding group which was initiated by two journalists in Arizona. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are the people behind this group. They started the group with $3.75 million which the state had awarded them in a case involving violation of their basic rights.

Lacey and Larkin are concerned about the status of human rights violations in Arizona. There is high number of cases reported every year. The immigrant community is the most adversely affected community. Lacey and Larkin hope that their efforts will bear fruits and that the cases will drop and the campaigns against human rights gain momentum.

The efforts Lacey and Larkin have been applying has come out personal experience they had with the state. County Sheriff Joe Arpaio had forcefully arrested them in the middle of the night for a story they had written in one of their media outlets.

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The In-Depth Thoughts And Ideals Of Scott Rocklage

Scott Rocklage, PhD has been involved with 5AM Ventures since 2003. He has extensive experience in healthcare management, and his leadership was partially responsible for several drugs receiving FDA approval. 5AM Ventures is a firm based on the field of science, and the focus is often on the newer areas of life science. His work puts him in contact with doctors, businesses executives, and entrepreneurs. Scott Rocklage turns promising ideas into possible medications for unresolved medical needs. He believes cancer treatments can be established by targeting specific genotypes and mutations, and he is excited by the future possibilities in this area.


Scott Rocklage is extremely organized, and manages his time quite well. He believes taking risks are an important part of any successful business venture. He feels working for an established company limits future possibility, and the future is best controlled with entrepreneurship. He has remained true to where his knowledge makes him the most effective, and he bases his business on his strengths. He feels this becomes increasingly important during periods of challenge, and does not attempt to try something appearing too easy simply because it fits with the current times.


Most of Scott Rocklage’s failures have been in the area of management. He learned through experience once the wrong individual is hired for a position, the best option is to move forward quickly. He has come to understand goals and performance reviews do not change the characteristics or fundamental nature of a person. He has spoken about services and software, and does not believe they impact his current situation, or investing in life science ventures. Scott Rocklage was impressed with a classic book titled Good to Great. He explained the book as a timeless tome, and stated it was priceless in the understanding of both performance and business.


When Scott Rocklage was asked about the most important key learnings he had acquired in his life, he responded with not being afraid to take measured risks. He spoke of his theory regarding hiring the wrong individual for a position, and the importance of getting past it and moving forward. Learn more: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/scott-m-rocklage

Dick and Besty DeVos: The Couple That Never Tires In Giving

Dick DeVos personal history


Dick DeVos is a well-known entrepreneur and philanthropist hailing from Grand Rapids Michigan. His wife Betsy DeVos is the current U.S Secretary of education. The couple has four children. DeVos is the president of the Windquest Group, an investment management organization that invests in firms that care and aim to improve the world. He has also served as the CEO of Amway global from nineteen ninety-three to two thousand and two which was founded by his father Richard DeVos. From 1991 to 1993, DeVos was the CEO and President of Florida based NBA club Orlando magic.


The philanthropist veil lifted


The couple comes from a high profile family that has been well known for giving. Through their foundation Dick and Besty family Foundation, the couple donates generous donations to charities. In their lifetime the two donations to charitable firms are almost at 139milion. The numbers according to their foundation website show that in 2015, the couple gave out $121.6 million to charities.


Among the top beneficiary in the foundation list is in education, 26% of the donations from the foundation- around $3 million in 2015 went to education. Additionally, the foundation gave 3% of their donations to groups in support of education. This is a reflection of how much the two value education reforms.


The couple support helps children to get a shot at the American dream as the education they get allows them to be successful in life. Some of the education supporters that have greatly benefited from the donations are; the Michigan charter school advocacy group and the Great lakes education foundation.




DeVos is the patron of West Michigan aviation academy, the first aviation based charter school started by the couple. The influence and donations from the couple has seen the school grow and produce top notch licensed pilots. The children admitted to the school are majorly economically disadvantaged coming from the nearby seven counties. 40% of these children also come from the minority groups. According to the state of Michigan, the graduation rate is at a high of 86%. Through the kind of help given by DeVos and his family, the children lives have been transformed.


They now have a different view of life, their attitudes have changed and they are satisfied and comforted by the fact that they now have a chance to achieve greatness.

The couple other donations in 2015 went to art and culture-$2.4 million, civic, community, leadership and development-$1.8 million, public policy-$1.5million, health and human services-$1.3 million and churches-$488,250. The couple’s donations have no strings attached and this has allowed these donations to make a big difference in people’s lives. The couple includes their children in the decision on what institutions should get their donations. This helps them gain a different perspective on the best-suited beneficiaries.


In conclusion, it is no secret DeVos and his wife’s way of giving has led the way in changing the lives of the Michigan people.


The Excellent Support that Betsy DeVos has offered to American Children

Betsy DeVos is one of the American women who have committed themselves to transforming the lives of other people. For decades now, her family has offered millions of dollars to ensure that people across the United States have an equal opportunity of getting a decent education. Mrs. DeVos has been leading reforms in the education industry to ensure that all children have a chance to attend learning institutions of their choice. Her outstanding work convinced President Donald Trump to make her the U.S secretary education. She has been working to ensure that the system of the country is transformed to involve parents when deciding the schools that their children can attend.The policies that Mrs. DeVos has been advocating for have enabled children to choose learning institutions that they would like to attend. The current education system forces individuals to enroll at schools that are located in their neighborhoods. Parents from low-income areas were very concerned since their children could not be admitted into good schools. Betsy’s passion has enabled her to deliver excellent results in all the work that she does.

Apart from her activities in the education sector, Mrs. DeVos has been actively taking part in political undertakings for about three decades. In 1976, she offered to join a group of volunteers who campaigned for President Gerald Ford during the general elections. She then became a member of the Republican Party and was appointed as Michigan’s delegate to the party. Betsy had an opportunity to be on the Republican National Committee for about six years (1992 to 1998). Her family has offered millions of dollars to assist in the campaigns of Republican Party candidates. They supported President Bush’s reelection in 2002.Betsy has been running various charity programs since 1989 when she established Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. She manages the foundation with Dick DeVos who is her husband. The primary goal of the body is to conduct charity work. The couple has assisted many people in Michigan and various regions of the country.

Interview with Betsy DeVos, The Reformer | Excellence in Philanthropy ,The donations that the DeVos family has given are dedicated to justice, leadership, arts, education, and community development. They are recognized nationally for their generosity.The Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation is devoted to donating money to support the establishment and operations of different organizations. The institutions that it has supported include the Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital Pediatric Oncology Program and the American Federation for Children. Betsy and her husband established ArtPrize, which has been acting as an ideal platform for artists to showcase their work. DeVos loves aviation-related activities, and this motivated him to establish West Michigan Aviation. The college has modern equipment and is recognized for being among the leading in the state.

Dick DeVos- an American Entrepreneur with a Heart of Gold

Dick DeVos and the wife Betsy are known for making big political donations and also philanthropic contributions that add up to $139 million in total. In 2015 alone, their contribution to charity amounted to $11.6 million which was double the contribution they have been making for the last 5years.


Devos family has a history of being real philanthropists. This can be traced from Dick’s father, Rich Devos, and the entire family who gave to charity $104 million in 2015, making them scoop 24th position on Forbes under the category of “Americans’ Top Givers” with their lifetime giving total adding up to $1.33 billion.


DeVos and the wife have always proved to value education by donating $3 million to education. Their foundation also awarded $357,000 to groups that have proved to support reforms in the education sector. They even donated the first airplane to Michigan Aviation Academy and also ensure that out of 15 pilots who were licensed, 40% of the students were from disadvantaged families.


Aside from giving in the educational sector, they have also tried to improve and ensure that there is leadership development by funding church leadership summit where the government, professionals, and leaders from around the world attend.


Dick DeVos is an American entrepreneur from Michigan. He worked as the CEO of a company that deals with consumer goods distribution and left in 2002. He has always been involved in their family business. He graduated from Forest Hills public school system and studied at the Northwood University where graduated with bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. Dick was awarded honorary doctorate by Northwood University, Grove City College, and Central Michigan.


His career began in 1974 when he was working with Amway Corporation that was co-founded by his father. He was made Amway’s vice president in 1984, being put in charge of 18 countries. His outstanding leadership skills saw the company expand and he left when their sales had grown by 50%. In 2000 he served as the President of Alticor which he restructured the company making it improve its sales to $4.5 billion. He left Alticor in 2002 to serve Windquest group as the President.


Dick Devos and his wife are famous for giving back without placing a return price on his giving. Their mission is to give in order to make a difference in the society. Dick is celebrated for being a smart leader and an outstanding philanthropist.


The Giving Side of Betsy Devos

You can tell what people believe in by looking into their actions. Looking into the donations that the Devos family makes, it’s a clear reflection of their political stand and what they believe in as Christians. Betsy Devos has been married by Dick Devos since the year 1989. During this period, the two have worked hand in hand in transforming the society they live in through outsized community and political donations. This may have been the reason why Betsy Devos was chosen as the secretary of education of the United States by the Trump administration. Betsy Devos has been committed to changing the American education system long before she was married by Dick Devos.

It’s the belief of Betsy Devos that there are some American education stakeholders who are committed to changing the system. Despite these commitments, she has the notion that there is room for improvement. Betsy Devos is not only vocal in educational reforms but commits her money to changing the system. According to 2015 tax returns, Betsy Devos made a contribution of $10 million towards education. This money goes to schools and charity organizations supporting educational reforms. Above this, she also committed herself to donate an additional $3.2 million in the preceding months. Betsy Devos makes her contribution through the Dick and Betsy Devos Family Foundation. Check her website for more info at betsydevos.com.

To show her commitment to changing the American educational system, Betsy Devos recently funded Campbell Brown to launch an educational site. In addition to this, she donated approximately $400,000 to a foundation called the Partnership for Educational Justice. Other organizations that have received her donations include the Success Academy Charter Schools that received $150,000, the Potters House that received $200,000 and Alliance for School Choice that received $100,000. Colleges and universities that have ever received her donations across the years include Cornell University, Wake Forest University, Calvin College, Ferris State University as well as the School of Missionary Aviation Technology. She also funds Christian organizations like Christian Schools International, Ada Christian School Society, and the Grand Rapids Christian School Association.

Betsy Devos is a mother of four and the wife to Dick Devos. She has an affiliation with the Republican Party since the early 80s. She comes from a rich family known for their generosity, and she has some Dutch descent. Before making her way into politics, Betsy Devos was a business woman, and she was involved with a company called Windquest Group. This is a company that specialized in clean energy and reducing the effects of pollution on the environment. She is also the chief investor in a venture called Neurocore that helps people suffering from several types of disorders such as anxiety, attention deficit disorder as well as all forms of depressions. Betsy Devos was born in the year 1958. Visit Betsy’s profile on Twitter.

George Soros’ Early Life and his Pathway to Great Success

George was born in Hungary but had to move to London to go to school at London School of Economics. While there, Mr. Soros had to work as a waiter, as well as a porter. His endeavors helped him successfully go through school, and after that managed to secure a position in the finance department at a merchant bank. After some time, Soros relocated to New York, where he started off on Wall Street. In 1969, he successfully launched his hedge fund with $12 million, which later rebranded as Quantum Fund. He kept on achieving great financial breakthroughs that have propelled his growth year after year. It is decades later, and George counts among the wealthiest entrepreneurs the world has ever knew.

Details Concerning George Soros’ Political Interests

George is a distinguished veteran in the political arena. The eighty-five-year-old is known for his commitment to supporting Democratic causes. He is mostly appreciated for his aggressiveness in critiquing Donald Trump. It is amazing how George has risen and come back into the political limelight. He had taken over the media back in 2004 when he was listed among the top funders of causes against George Bush. Precisely, George is a stern Democrat who is known to give immeasurable finances in support of his interests. Read this story at Politico about George Soros.

Charitable Initiatives by George Soros

In most of the occasions touching on George, he gives selflessly. In 2004, he spent $27 million to fund the campaigns against George W. Bush. When it came to Hillary’s turn, he donated over $25milion to boost her political initiative, as well as those of other Republican contenders. Even more of his finances were released as the elections drew near. George has known Clinton for over two decades. He had even planned to attend the Democratic Convention just to watch Clinton. It would have been his first time, although he got tied by other commitments to monitor the Europe’s economy and had to cancel the trip. Michael Vachon, George’s political adviser, discloses that although his boss had been into funding Republican causes, he seemed to do more in Clinton’s case.

Read more: http://www.investopedia.com/university/greatest/georgesoros.asp


George Soros commits to support the candidates that are aggressive in their pursuits for liberal priorities. Besides supporting all those political initiatives, he also bankrolls End Citizens United. End Citizens United is an agency that was formed to counter the tycoons corrupting the elections system. The committee receives support from the loyal Democrats who are devoted to pushing for reform. As time advances, there is, even more, to expect from the reformist. Most people have observed that George is getting drawn into politics more as he advances in age. Of course, he has been there long enough to make sound decisions.

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The Hard Work of Dick DeVos

Dick DeVos is a hard working individual who has a prestigious name within the world of business that is not only attributed to the well known family name that he possesses, but is also due to his ability to inspire others to want to become a part of his team and to inspire others to follow his legacy and his path to success. Dick DeVos has always been inspired by his father and promised at an early age to follow his father into business in order to preserve the family legacy of the DeVos family.


The DeVos family is a prominent family that currently resides in Michigan and is well known to not only be one of the wealthiest families in the world, but is also known to be one of the most generous families that constantly gives large donations to worthy causes. Dick DeVos has followed his family’s path and has continued to give generous donations to worthy causes. One of the initiatives that Dick DeVos is the most passionate about is the initiative to improve the education system. Dick DeVos believes that education should be available to all people who work hard and to all those that will truly appreciate a higher level of education.


Dick DeVos has been a strong proponent of education due to the fact that he believes education is what helps grow the economy and what helps improve the lives of everyone. As a result, Dick DeVos has not only donated money to schools to help build them, but has also donated money to scholarships in his name to make sure that those who truly want to receive an education, receive an education.


Dick DeVos is a hard worker as well as a natural leader who has been able to rise to the top of the family business that is known as Amway Corporation. Though Dick DeVos came from a prominent and famous family to start off with, Dick DeVos has been able to prove his worth on his own and to make sure that the DeVos family legacy not only continues to grow, but also continues to be passed on to the next generation.

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