Larkin & Lacey: The Frontera Fund and Human Rights

Within the framework of society there are many issues that can potentially go unaddressed. This is why there are those who are willing to take action and start pouring funds into stimulating change. Money is not the only factor in all of this. It is very important that an advocate for change to be passionate and driven in their work towards the greater good.

Numbers aren’t the only factor in gauging the effectiveness of any particular organization. It takes a special psychological skillset to really congregate people and pool the resources towards a cause. Human Rights Watch is constantly vigilant in ensuring that all of their goals are met. They specialize in current global issues and devising potential solutions to various issues.

They currently have hundreds of qualified professionals waiting hand and foot to ensure that the public is adequately informed. They actively take part in the Governments, states and regional areas. Their presence politically speaking is to be admired and respected.

Human Rights Watch utilizes their organization to ensure that the overall advocacy for human rights doesn’t go in one ear and out the other. They specializing in trumpeting the voice of liberty and freedom for all human beings, and continue to show enthusiasm and passion to this day!

Another prominent organization which is highly passionate about their effective work in the public and government is the Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fund. They are enthusiastic in advocating all human, civil and migrant rights and display effective results which are to be respected and supported.

Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey are the Co-founders of Phoenix New Times and Village Voice Media and have donated a large sum of money to the cause of improving these areas of our legal issues, all while giving an important sense of awareness which is crucial in developing an effective organization.

They originally received their fund due to an exceedingly unfortunate event. The local police had targeted them in order to obtain their personal documents and articles. Once they outed this information in their paper, they were later arrested at a strange time in the covert operations of the night to separate institutions where they were questioned about said articles.

Upon being released they sued for a settlement of three million dollars, all of which they have generously given to prevent situations like this from happening in other contexts around the United States. Abuse of governmental power is nothing new, but it is becoming increasingly prevalent. Larkin & Lacey used this fund to ensure that disturbing incidents like theirs don’t happen to other innocent citizens.

They know there is a serious problem with the way that the police handle certain situations and that no one should be allowed to abuse the constitution, specifically our right to freedom of speech.

Being in the writing business, they both understand the true power of words, and utilize them professionally along with the three million dollars to fund an effective advocacy program towards all-encompassing human rights and civil liberty.

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