CTRMA Leader Mike Heiligenstein Explains New Transit Options

There are many people who are listening to Mike Heiligenstein on the transit matters of the day, and they are learning quite a lot from him because he is giving them new options for moving around Texas. He is the leader of the CTRMA, and he wishes to improve the transportation choices for each person who lives in the state. There are public forums that he is holding today, and he is planning to expand easy ways to move around Texas.


#1: What Is Being Proposed?


Mike is sharing everything that has been proposed through his department, and he knows how to help the public come to a proper conclusion. He is proposing bus lines and light rail. He is holding public forums for the people who wish to voice their opinion, and he is answering questions when the public does not understand what the best choice is.


#2: Central Texas Has Less Transportation


There are less transportation options in the state as compared to others, and someone who is using the bus or rail line may get to work much more easily. Adding anything that helps improve the economy will change lives, and someone who does not have reliable transportation today will have it quite soon.


#3: When Will Changes Be Made?


Mike plans to release proposals for transportation options in the near future, and he wishes to garner as much public support as possible. He is willing to work with local communities to give them an option for supporting each measure, and he will show these communities how the bus lines or rail routes may be added to their communities. It is quite simple to ensure that the towns are all included, and a town that may not land on a rail line will have a bus route.


#4: Inclusion Is Important


Mike wishes to be as inclusive as possible, and he will continue to be inclusive until he is finished with the process. He cannot stop talking to the public until all lines and routes are completed, and he will take all input he is given quite seriously.


There are many people in central Texas who will be given a better form of transportation once Mike Heiligenstein is able to expand the CTRMA. He is leading a transit agency that must expand to meet the needs of a growing population that is spanning all of Central Texas.


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