Kicking Up the Drama With Crystal Hunt

Any fan of daytime soaps knows the name Crystal Hunt. She has graced the small screen for years with several memorable performances on beloved soap operas, gaining an immense amount of recognition in the world of drama. While she is most recognized for her acting roles, she has become so much more than just a pretty face on a television screen. Her accomplishments on screen as well as behind the scenes are exactly what made her the stunning person she is today.

Crystal Hunt was drawn to the spotlight at a surprisingly young age. She was competing in beauty pageants when she was just two years old. In her hometown of Clearwater, Florida she showed the world how much talent she really had as she starred in commercials and public service announcements. In 2003 she began her career in daytime playing Lizzie Spaulding on Guiding Light. She played the troubled daughter of a longtime couple on the show for three years until moving on to new territory. She made appearances in several films such as The Derby Stallion and Sydney White. She eventually made her way back to daytime with her role as Stacy Morasco in One Life to Live. Her long career gave her all the experience she needed to show off her talents away from acting.

Her love for animals has shown through in her ventures with the pet boutique she opened in her hometown. She provides high quality food and accessories for dogs from all over the area. In addition to being an entrepreneur, Hunt has tried her hand at film production.

With an immense amount of interests and range, Crystal Hunt has managed to thrive in the worlds of television, film and business. She captivated daytime audiences and was also able to gain experience and credibility off screen. Her pet boutique is a trendy stop for pet owners who want the very best for their dogs. Crystal Hunt is an amazing actress, photographer, and all around talented woman. Fans cannot wait to find out what she does next.

Mike Baur Delivers Dream With The Swiss Satrt Up Factory

Mike Baur is the Co- Founder of the Swiss Start Up Factory. Mike received his Executive Master’s Degree in Business Administration from University of Bern and his Master’s Degree in Business Administration from the University of Rochester New York. Mike Baur is expected in inherit the title of being the Managing Director from Jean-Pierre Vuilleumier at CTI Invest.

Not only is Mike one of the masterminds behind creating the Swiss Start Up Factory, he is also a managing partner. The Swiss start Up Factory is a revolutionary company where entrepreneurs can network and gain access to priceless services to help further their business ventures during a three month long program. These services include financing, mentoring, office space, coaching and investor and entrepreneur networks.

Mike Baur hails from Fribourg in Switzerland, and he remains a driving force in his hometown community to this day. Mike has gained an early interest in Finance and Banking as a teen, and brings his young dreams to life today with the Swiss Start Up Factory. Along with making his dreams come true, he enables thousands of individuals to bring their dreams front and center through the help of the Swiss Start Up Factory.

After spending nearly twenty years as a unyielding worker in the Swiss Private Banking, Mike Baur has ventured out to becoming an executive member of the board at a sizable Swiss Private Bank. This amazing feat comes after serving a commercially successful trainee at the company UBS.

In 2014, Mike Baur decided to begin his company and the Swiss Start Up Factory was founded. Mike was thirty-nine years old when the business venture into entrepreneurship began and with the hard work of him and his two partners, the Swiss Start Up Factory was able to become a reality.

Mike is sure to stay close to his roots and often invests his time, resources and go will to the many youth in Switzerland. Mike enjoys being a supportive mentor to many new Swiss businesses, understanding that support is priceless.

Flawless Skin with Makari de Suisse Products

Have you been wondering how some people have flawless skin and yours is nothing to write home about? The reality is that whatever you put on your face will determine how your face will look like at the end of the day. The best way of ensuring that your skin looks its best at all times is to use products which provide nourishment for your skin. If you want to lighten your complexion and even out your skin tone, you can easily do this with a good skin care product. If you do not know some of the best skin care lines to choose from, try Makari de Suisse.

Makari de Suisse is a Swiss brand which has been lauded for providing some of the best skin care products globally. They have a range of hair products as well as face products. Their face products are used by both men and women to lighten skin, reduce the signs of aging and to maintain an even skin tone. The ingredients used in the products are natural and they include essential oils such as castor oil. The manufacturing process is also thorough and they ensure that there are no harmful chemicals such as hydroquinone added onto them.

One of the face products which users of Makari de Suisse products love is the day treatment cream. This one is a moisturiser which creates even skin and stimulates healthy skin growth. It also reduces the signs of wrinkling hence giving the user a very youthful look. The cream includes antioxidants and palmitic acid which ensure that the skin is repaired and is not prone to damage.

The other product on the line is the clarifying scrubbing cream. This one is gentle on the skin and helps you to exfoliate and get rid of dead skin easily. The cream has several ingredients which moisturise, condition and cleanse the skin. For those with acne or pimple outbreaks, the pimple drying cream is also useful.